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find a car of your dream

Why Smart Car Dealer?

Shopping for a second hand car can be very stressful as one has to go thorough inspection before committing. We all want a good deal on the purchase without losing lot of money in repairs and maintenance. To help you out, we suggest you to make a note of the following factors.

Proper Documentation

Before you decide to buy the car, check all the original documents of the car like registration papers, insurance papers etc. Idea is to ensure that the owner of the vehicle was not involved in any crime and the car is not a stolen vehicle. Make sure the documentation is done properly before your finalize the deal.

Do Research

Checking the condition of the car is the most important thing to do. It is best to evaluate its pricing and inspect it very closely. Check the engine of the car and choose a car that is mechanically sound and has all the original parts. Also check for any damage or unexpected wear and tear.

Take Test Drive

It is very important to go for a test drive as it is the best way to give you a feel of the car. Based on that, you can arrive at the decision if the car is fit for you or not.

Determine your budget

Before buying it is very important to determine how much you can afford to spend on it.


It is important to find out about the maintenance of the car. Take your time and find out if the car has been properly maintained or not.

Choice and specifications of car

Based on choice, narrow down your search and choose the best car that fits your budget. Check the specifications of the car before buying.

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